2/8: waiting + reveal

In my online medical records, I can see that on late Friday, the results of my fish (fluorescent in situ hybridization) test came in. That’s the test indicating whether my chromosomes are back to normal. Unfortunately, the results don’t provide any details or analysis, so I’m just waiting until someone on my oncology team has time to look over the full report tomorrow and call me. I’m also waiting to get over a cold before I can be admitted for my next round of chemo, hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday. Generally I’m okay with waiting – it’s just part of the process. I read books, make stuff, hang out with my family, visit with friends. But every so often, a tiny part of me wants time to speed up so I can be fully in remission, especially when I feel an unexpected ache or a twinge of nausea.

Meanwhile, I suspect that every time someone sees me in a hat, they wonder what I look like underneath. So here’s your chance to see what I look like bald. Click the photo below if you dare!

click here to see me bald!