1/30: fewer blasts!

My last blood labs on Monday showed higher numbers all around. Unfortunately, that included the number of blasts in my system. Blasts are like baby blood cells, and their presence can indicate cancer. When my leukemia was initially diagnosed, my blast count was 90, so seeing 134(!) on Monday worried me a little. The oncology team was fairly certain that it was a result of neupogen and not indicative of the cancer getting worse, and they were right!

Today my blast count dropped significantly. My organs also all seem to be functioning properly. We won’t know for certain whether I’m in remission until the results of my bone marrow biopsy next Monday come back (probably in the week of 2/9), but so far so good!

On the way home from UCSF, I stopped at Stow Lake and walked to the top of the waterfall.

Huntington Falls, Stow Lake