2/17: 56 days

After some drama about getting my prescriptions in order, I was finally discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Then I spent half of today in the clinic getting blood tests, a shot for bone marrow growth, and meeting with my doctor. Now I’m finally settling down at home, and it’s so quiet! My mom and the kids are on a mini vacation in Napa with my Aunt Lily & Uncle Ray and cousins Lauren & Artie and Tina & Gary, and Alex snuck in some time to work today, so it’s just me and the cats. No beeping machines, no nurses popping in, no doctors on rounds. I might actually take a nap.

The last 56 days (since diagnosis on 12/23) have been quite a journey! Happily, I’m in remission (the more I say it and write it, the more I actually believe it’s true) and my condition is pretty stable now. For the next few months side effects will come and go and I’ll be in and out of the hospital twice more for chemo, but I expect no major surprises to happen. I’ll probably post to this blog less frequently, maybe just once or twice a week. Take that as a good sign!