4/17: droplet precautions

Today is the fourth day of my fourth chemo series. (More fours!) Time seems to be crawling along because I’m subject to droplet precautions: since I was admitted with a slight cough and sore throat, I must have my own room, all staff who enter must wear extra protective masks, everyone has to do lots of handwashing, and I cannot leave my room except for medical reasons. This means no hallway walks and less socializing for me until I’m cleared of viral infections (the test involves sticking a long cotton swab up my nose – it feels like they are swabbing my brain – and takes a few days for results). Ugh. It’s like being in solitary, only I’m also getting toxic chemicals poured into my bloodstream twice a day on alternate days. On the plus side, I’m sleeping much, much better than when I had a roommate, and don’t need to worry about disturbing anyone during nightly calls/FaceTime with the kids.

Just four days ago we were having dinner with our friends Frances and Allen – it feels like a past life:


(Look closely: hair!)