January 10

This morning I woke up to a beautifully fog blanketed city. As I pulled up the window shades in anticipation, I realized that the glare off of the fog seemed brighter than usual. Then I looked into my room and even the small bed lamp seemed to have a glare. I’d anticipated light sensitivity as a potential after effect of chemo, so put on my sunglasses. Even with them on I could see flashes of light, bright enough to sting. Like the brightness of snow on the top of a mountain on a really sunny day. Yikes.

Thankfully, the doctors weren’t alarmed or stymied. The antibiotic I took for the first time at midnight was probably the culprit. They’ve switched me to another one to see if that fixes it. I definitely acclimated throughout the day, although my eyes are still slightly stinging and sensitive. Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow with no issues.

Meanwhile, Alex and the kids came by for a two-plus-hour visit. He brought what will probably be my last outside meal in a few weeks (tonkotsu ramen with chashu, pork belly, butter corn, seaweed, mushrooms, bamboo, and ever so slightly runny eggs) since my neutrophil count is quickly tanking. Zoe and Griffin enjoyed my roller-coaster-bed and snacks (the nurses offered ice cream and popsicles!), we explored the art displays posted throughout the hallways, and Alex led the kids in an impromptu spin class in the solarium. One of the things we talked about is my hair cut next Thursday. Not sure I can carry off any of these…




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