January 19

I’m still feeling good, so hopefully have gotten past the yucky chemo hump. The only other major side effects I need to prepare for now would be from neupogen, which I started getting a few days ago to stimulate my bone marrow to make more white blood cells. So far I haven’t felt any bone pain or muscle aches (knock on wood), and my blood counts have started rising a teeny tiny bit, so all is going well.

Meanwhile, thanks to my cousins Tina and Gary hosting the kids for a two-night sleepover (unexpectedly successfully, considering Griffin hadn’t previously ever had a successful sleepover, even in our own house), Alex and I were able to have a date night yesterday.


After Alex left, the charge nurse was checking on my IV drip and saw my prayer flags from Sunset. She couldn’t stand to see them languishing on my window sill, so spent a good 15 minutes hanging them up for me. Check out my selfies to see how amazing they look.