1/26: being outside

My numbers on Friday and Saturday were so high that the oncology team decided to send me home after all. After weeks dreaming of going outside, asking intrahospital transport guys to take me down for just a minute, and checking out all the windows for the possibility of getting a tiny bit of fresh air, the past few days have been an incredible gift. The weather has been gorgeous, and the beach has actually been warm. Though I would have been just as happy with fog and rain.

When I went in for my first outpatient blood tests today, I fully expected to need a platelet transfusion. But my numbers were so good that it wasn’t necessary. My bone marrow is doing its job, even generating platelets now. This is both good and bad news. Good for obvious reasons. Bad because my quick recovery means a quick return to the hospital to begin my next round of chemo. I’ll probably be admitted midweek next week.

Well, it’s actually all great news. The sooner I start my next round, the closer I am to being cured. I’m really going to miss being outside, though.